Keith Mather – Registered Massage Therapist

Keith is a graduate of the Mount Royal Massage Therapy Program. He finished the program in August of 2005 and began working within a week of finishing school. During the course of his 8 years of practice, Keith has worked closely with many highly respected RMT’s, chiropractors and physiotherapists, learning many useful skills that he incorporates into his treatments. Keith enjoys working with patients of all ages and activity levels.
He especially enjoys the results experienced by patients who come in with poor posture related to desk work. Keith believes that with a combination of massage and patient cooperation away from the clinic, desk work doesn’t have to cause muscle pain and headaches. As well, Keith enjoys playing a variety of sports, including soccer, basketball and most recently kettlebell sport. He is also now beginning the journey to becoming a golfer and loves working with fellow golfers to keep them limber and on the course. Keith believes that an active lifestyle is possible and beneficial for almost anyone.